42nd Festival PAF Tachov 6th - 8th March 2020.  Deadline for accepting the competition works February 15th 2020

Submission of competition works starts on 1st of January 2020

Program PAF Tachov 2017

vystava 01FRIDAY 24.3. 2017

08:00 - 12:00  Cinema (The Community Center Mže)   Projection and lecture for schools

10:30 Lecture - Kamil Vondrášek "Afrika is not for quitters" ("Afrika není pro sraby")

18:00 The Museum of the Czech Forest (Muzeum Českého lesa) in  Tachov 
Vernissage of the author's photo exhibition - Rostislav Štefánek  "From the life of fish" ("Ze života ryb")

20:00 Cinema (The Community Center Mže)
Projection of travel and  diving films 


SATURDAY 25.3. 2017

MAIN PROGRAM - Cinema (The Community Center Mže)

09:00 Projection of travel and  diving films

11:00 Prize giving to winners of the Cildren's Artwork Competition

11:15 Lecture - Danny Van Belle: Cenderawasih Bay

12:00 Projection of travel and  diving films

13:00 Lecture - Ivan Vychodil: Sulawesi - fire and water, life and death

14:00 Projection of travel and  diving films

15:00 Lecture - Daniela Koteková: "Shark lady" Story of sharks - myths and episodes

16:00 Projection of travel and  diving films

Exhibition of diving photographs - You can visit the photo exhibition during the whole festival in The Community Center Mže
The exhibition will show a selection of 150 top-scoring diving photographs, which were sent by authors from  17 countries and which were selected from the total number of almost 700 contesting photographs.



09:00 - 15:00 The Ball Hall in The Community Center Mže

,,Draw a photo’’ - Draw one of the exhibited photographs and take part in a contest for prizes, which will be given to winners after the contest is finished  (approx at 15:30). Drawing sets and tools are ready. 

Competition in a special divers card game (Pexeso)Tournament in ludo (Člověče nezlob se)

Inflatable "springing" castle and some other attractions available all day  for free.