43rd Festival PAF Tachov - March 26th - 28th  2021

43rd festival PAF Tachov 2021 - save the date...

March 19th - 20th 2021 is the next festival date. Save it in to your calendar for next year.

Winning photos - PAF Tachov 2020

Winning photos gallery PAF Tachov 2020 is available HERE

Results PAF Tachov 2020 - Photos

Results of photo competition 

Results PAF Tachov 2020 - Films and AV Presentations

Results of films and AV presentations competition

Results PAF Tachov 2020 - Children‘s artworks

Children‘s artworks - The undersea world as seen by children 

Program schedule PAF Tachov 2020

Movies projections and seminars program schedule.